jeffJeff Klominek:

President/Founder Mantra Haircare LLC.

Jeff Klominek has been brought up in the professional beauty industry, but has been involved officially for the last 20 years with his family's distributorship and the creating of mantra brand. Although Jeff appears to have gone farbeyond his origional goal of achieving stability for his family business, he continues to wage his battle against diversion in order to ease the plight of stylists with Mantra as his vehicle. Growing up in a professional product distributorship, Jeff saw the challenges of salons firsthand. Creating an education company that also has professional products seemed like the most logical path to take. He believes the answer to all beauty industry challenges can be found in continuing education covering all aspects of the industry. Jeff's Mantra is to bring back professionalism and better salon profitability by rallying the very heart of our industry...salons and stylists.. to embrace education and to fight diversion by purchasing and recommending truly professional only salon products.